Extra2 Launch 2710


EXTRA2 MY24 rubino red Coil XT web Extra Coil

Laps in the bike park, the Megavalanche, or enduro races, the EXTRA Coil won't let you down. Built to tackle anything what comes your way. Even climbs loose their intimidation.

EXTRA2 MY24 sage green launch XTR Extra Air

Your goal: with you best bike-buddy alone at the summit, an endless downhill on alpine trails lies ahead of you. For that, you're willing to tackle some elevation gain - our Extra Air is made for precisely these days.

Ab CHF 6,499.00
Extra Extra ST

We built the Extra ST inspired by our local trails where it’s right at home.

Ab CHF 5,999.00
Essential 2022 07 27 082243 sycz Essential

The Essential is the bike that started ARC8. A bike designed for best fun out on the trails, but as it turned out also light and efficient enough for success in XC racing. Now in its second generation, it has grown more character, expanding its versatility even further.

Ab CHF 4,999.00
ARC8 EVOLVE FS Ltd Edition Evolve FS

We pulled out all the stops in creating our first XC full suspension bike. Lighter, with a radical geometry, faster and ultimately more fun than any other XC bike.

Ab CHF 6,499.00
DT Edition 1 Evolve HT

The Evolve is built specifically for racing on the technically challenging courses in modern XC racing.

Ab CHF 3,999.00

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ARC8 EVOLVE FS XT Performance Pure Black

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ARC8 EVOLVE FS Ltd Edition 2

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Evolve FS LTD Edition

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